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Davis, 54, murdered 64-year-old Jane Daniels by shooting her in the back of her head in her home during a robbery.

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge said the US Supreme Court's decision was 'heartbreaking' for the victim's family.

She told CNN: 'Davis was convicted of his crimes in 1992, and my office took every action it could today to see that justice was carried out.

'Ultimately, the US Supreme Court has the final say and has decided not to lift the stay at this time.'Officials in Arkansas are frantically appealing court decisions in an effort to press ahead with the executions of Bruce Earl Ward (left) and Don Williams Davis Jr. Their executions are the first of eight scheduled before April 27 Bruce Earl Ward, 60, was also scheduled to die on Monday.

The first person narrative for both poems works really well.

It is fun to see things from the two different perspectives.

Don Davis Jr, 54, was still permitted to eat his last meal despite being granted a stay of execution, which consisted of fried chicken, rolls, great Northern beans, mashed potatoes, strawberry cake and fruit punch An Arkansas death row inmate was given his last meal as he awaited a final minute US Supreme Court decision on his stay of execution.

Don Davis Jr, 54, was served fried chicken, rolls, great Northern beans, mashed potatoes, strawberry cake and fruit punch on Monday night.

Author of a varied array of exquisite lyrics that blend Cavalier grace with Metaphysical wit and complexity, Marvell turned, first, into a panegyrist for the Lord Protector and his regime and then into an increasingly bitter satirist and polemicist, attacking the royal court and the established church in both prose and verse.The style of the lyrics that have been so prized in the twentieth century was already out of fashion by the time of his death, but he was a pioneer in the kind of political verse satire that would be perfected by his younger contemporary John Dryden and in the next generation by Alexander Pope (both writing for the other side)—even as his satirical prose anticipated the achievement of Jonathan Swift in that vein.Marvell's satires won him a reputation in his own day and preserved his memory beyond the eighteenth century as a patriotic political writer—a clever and courageous enemy of court corruption and a defender of religious and political liberty and the rights of Parliament.Her poems are mostly light hearted and involve a lot of humour. She has a created a persona called Jason Strugnell who is a struggling poet and sometimes writes in this persona. Each stanza contains four lines with the second and fourth line rhyming.Cope has an OBE and has won several awards for her poetry including the Cholmondeley Award which has been won by several high profile poets such as Seamus Heaney. This gives the poem a nice rhythm and helps to emphasise the gentle comic tone.

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