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Ten years later it remains one of the most iconic love stories of the 21st century, cherished by pre-teen girls and celebrities alike.Back in 2004, though, studios and moviegoers weren’t as quick to anoint the Nicholas Sparks adaptation as a success.VIDEO: ' The Vow' Trailer With Rachel Mc Adams, Channing Tatum But his doubts were erased after he flew to New York and met the 31-year-old actor. At the premiere, Channing was asked who is more romantic – him or his wife? I think that’s why it works,” said Channing, who got married in 2009.“The guy probably has to do more than the girls do.

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After the movie was released, everyone loved this duo and their relationship.

VIDEO: ' The Vow' Director on Casting Rachel Mc Adams and Channing Tatum “The character of Paige when she dissociates from Leo, you want to keep rooting for here even if she’s not feeling the love for him, you want to still feel the love for her,” the Emmy-winning director added. And I just thought, he’s perfect for Leo.” At the premiere, Channing was joined by his wife, Jenna Dewan.

As for Tatum, Sucsy said he had his doubts about the actor, who’s starred in. He’s kind of played military characters, kind of cold, I don’t know, this guy’s really warm,’” he said. Dewan walked the carpet before her husband, who stayed back to answer questions with Mc Adams.

Being thrust into a sizzling, passionate relationship with a stranger undoubtedly gets the emotional synapses firing, even if the whole thing is nothing but a script, so maybe it's not that surprising that some romantic celebs can't help but fall in love with their costars.

Below are some of Hollywood's serial daters who always seem to have a thing for those they share a stage with, but who has fallen for the most costars?

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