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Stuff”, P0004R1 “Removing Deprecated Iostreams Aliases”, LWG 2385 “function::assign allocator argument doesn’t make sense”, and various non-Standard features (the std::tr1 namespace, some TR1-only machinery, and the std::identity struct)./std:c 14 (which is the default) defines _MSVC_LANG to 201402 and says, “enable C 14 features as they become available, and enable the set of C 17 features that shipped in Update 2”.

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This article lists the known issues for Visual Studio 2015 Update 3.Because our STL implementation supports three-and-a-half compilers (C1XX, Clang, EDG-imitating-C1XX, and EDG-imitating-Clang), we have a separate macro to control the STL’s mode.We inspect _MSVC_LANG if it’s defined, otherwise we inspect __cplusplus. Security Warning: Using Load Library incorrectly can compromise the security of your application by loading the wrong DLL.Refer to the Load Library documentation for information on how to correctly load DLLs with different versions of Windows.

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