Validating microarray data using rt real time pcr

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Approximately 80% of selected upregulated and downregulated genes identified by microarray analysis using linearly amplified RNA were confirmed by QRT-PCR using non-amplified m RNA as the starting template.

1,375 genes represented by both microarray platforms and spanning a wide dynamic range in gene expression levels, were selected for Taq Man Gene Expression Assay based real-time PCR validation.

Together with your c DNA, these products contain all of the enzymes, buffers, primers and probe necessary to perform SYBR Green real-time PCR analysis.

DNA microarrays are rapidly becoming a fundamental tool in discovery-based genomic and biomedical research.

The next-generation sequencing technologies are being rapidly applied in biological research.

Tens of millions of short sequences generated in a single experiment provide us enormous information on genome composition, genetic variants, gene expression levels and protein binding sites depending on the applications.

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